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C-Max Carbide Graver, 2.00 mm Square, Blank


These gravers are specially made for engravers, stone setters, and other craftsmen to combine the ability to hold a precise edge with the toughness needed to cut through many engravable metals. Years of development have produced a tungsten carbide graver with the right blend of hardness and toughness for hand engraving and stone setting applications. C-Max achieves a metallurgical balance like no other carbide. For years, engravers and jewellers have used other carbide gravers that break easily or do not hold a fine edge.

This frustration is gone forever, thanks to C-Max carbide. Try these tools and do better work in noticeably less time. The C-Max gravers are available in a variety of preshaped and blank styles, including the custom GRS V-Point shape in 75, 90, 105, and 120 degrees.

€ 31.10

recommended retail price excluding VAT and shipment

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